Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving Sites & Prices

 Scuba Diving in Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving Sites & Prices

Experience the best scuba diving in Myrtle Beach! All dives are 2 tank dives unless otherwise noted. Tanks are not included in the charter price. Weights & Belts are included in the charter price for your use. All dive charters need a minimum number of divers to go out.

Take a Quick Tour of various scenes from the South Carolina Coast

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Novice Sites

Bill Perry - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SitesBill Perry (Video)
Depth: 50-60 ft. Visibility: 30-60 ft.
$110 for 3/4 Day (Novice)
This site contains a tugboat, several Navy landing craft, a shrimp trawler. Swim the Landing Craft deck or crew quarters. Popular swim through. Good site to see grouper, snapper, and tropical fish.
Captain Chris Chong Reef (video)
Depth: 50-60 ft. Visibility: 30-60 ft.
$110 for 3/4 Day (Novice)
105 ft. steel tugboat with three decks and wheel house. The tugboat was sunk in honor of our friend and coworker Captain Chris Chong.
11 Mile - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteTugboat/Airplane (video)
Depth: 30-45 ft. Visibility: 15-40 ft.
$110 for 1/2 Day (Novice)
90 ft tugboat with a swim through. Navy A-6 attack plane nearby. A good site to see Barracuda and Spade fish. Dolphin stop by from time to time.
Insure Barge - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteInshore Barge
Depth: 25-30 ft. Visibility: 15-30 ft.
$110 for 1/2 Day (Novice)
200 ft barge that is home to many fish. The barge is older and has a lot of growth. Barracuda and Spade fish and some Spanish mackerel.
 Copper Pot Wreck - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteCopper Pot Wreck (video)
Depth 45-65 ft. Visibility 30-50 ft.
$110 3/4 day (Novice)
160′ coal Fired Side Wheel Steamer sank during a collision at sea with another vessel. We call it the Copper Pot Wreck because of the large Copper boilers.
Goldfinch Reef (video) (video)
Depth: 55-65 ft. Visibility: 40-60 ft.
$110 for 3/4 Day (Novice)
150 ft Navy yard oiler laying on its side. The hull has lots of coral growth. This site also has a 120 ft fuel barge. We have run a line between the two. Grouper, ring tales, grunts, snapper, sea bass love this site.
 City of Richmond - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteCity of Richmond (video)
Depth: 35-65 ft. Visibility: 30-50 ft.
$125 for 3/4 Day (Novice)
A five deck passenger ship that sank during a storm while being towed to the Virgin islands. The site is broken up on the bottom in sections and is a dive shop favorite for the variety of fish. Grouper, Snapper and trigger fish can be found here.
Inshore Ledges - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteInshore Ledges
Depth: 55-65 ft. Visibility: 60-100 ft.
$80-100 for 1/2 to 3/4 Day (Novice)
Limestone rock outcrops that are home to many grouper, snapper and amber jack. We have some great inshore ledges. Loggerhead turtles, Stingrays, Cobia and some scamp grouper can be found here.

Advanced Sites

Advanced Dive Sites Require a PADI Advanced Diver Certification or equivalent; or you must be enrolled in the Advanced Open Water Diver course! Diving on a site deeper than your certification level is a violation of PADI diving standards.

The HebeThe Hebe (video) (Video)
Depth: 75-110 ft. Visibility: 50-90+ ft.
$140 for Full Day (Advanced)**
Dutch freighter that hit the St. Cathan in black out conditions in WWII. Brown and green bottles can be found here. The Hebe is another Favorite site to Dive. The Hebe is loaded with Fish. We also see Sand tiger sharks here. One of the best Deep sites to see fish, find bottles, and see a shark. This sites is also known as the Twin Cities Wreck. (Photo gallery)
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
Civil War Wreck - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteCivil War Wreck (video)
Depth: 70-80 ft. Visibility: 50-65 ft.
$125 for 3/4 Day (Advanced)
This wreck is thought to be the Governor. Many artifacts have been taken from this site, but many (like cases of guns) still remain. This is a true treasure hunter’s site!
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
Greenville Reef - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteGreenville Reef
Depth: 65-90 ft. Visibility: 35-80 ft.
$160 for Full Day (Advanced)** The Greenville Reef is a collection of Reefs with a 105 ft Tugboat, an upright 175′ Navy Yard oiler,106′ Fuel barge and some other barges. This reef sits a little deeper and is home to some big grouper and scamps.
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
St. Cathan - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteSt. Cathan (video)
Depth: 80-110 ft. Visibility: 50-90 ft.
$140 for Full Day (Advanced)**
This British sub chaser is the second half of the twin cities wreck. The St. Cathan is 1/4 mile from the Hebe. The occasional depth charge has been found here. This site is also loaded with fish. A cool reminder to the past.
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
USS Vermillion - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteUSS Vermilion (video)
Depth: 90-140 ft. Visibility: 50-100 ft.
$140 for Full Day (Advanced)** The USS Vermilion is a 470 ft ship that was used as a troop transport during WWII. The Vermilion can not be seen in one dive or many dives. Its Huge!!! This site even rivals the Speigel Grove in the Keys. The amount of marine life here is amazing. Divers have been known to see lobsters crawling on the decks during a certain time of year. (Video #2) SINKING THE USS VERMILION
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
Offshore Ledges (video)
Depth: 80-120 ft. Visibility: 60-100 ft.
$100-140 for Full Day (Advanced)**
Limestone rock and other hard bottom areas are home to many grouper, snapper, trigger, amber jack, and spiny-lobster. These are great places to see fish.
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
Anchor Wreck - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteAnchor Wreck   (Video)
Depth: 90-105 ft. Visibility: 60-100 ft.
$200 Full Day (Advanced)**
An unknown steamer wreck known locally as the Anchor wreck from the 3 large anchors near the bow. Huge expansion engine and boilers are on the site. Ship believed to be the remains of the freighter Leif Eriksson 275 ft long and 39 ft wide. This is an awesome site to see fish and another huge wreck site. Sunk 1905.
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
Pipe Wreck (video)
Depth: 85-90 Visibility: 60-100 ft.
$150 Full Day (Advanced)**
The remains of a side wheel steamer. Boilers and side wheel shafts are evident. Loaded with fish! This site is close to The Hebe and St Cathan and can be done as a second dive.
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
Composite Wreck
Depth 125-130 ft. Visibility 80-100+ ft.
$180 Full Day (Advanced)**
This wreck has several names. We call it the RIB wreck from the exposed Ribs that are 2-3 feet high off the bottom. The wreck is 200 ft long with debris field. Some trinkets can be found. This site is home to lots of fish. Some not often seen as this wreck is close to the Gulf stream.
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
Elwoods Ledge
Depth: 100 ft. Visibility: 60-80 ft.
$150 Full Day (Advanced)**
This ledge has a high Relief. 10-12 ft high. Megalodon Sharks Teeth have been found here. Elwood is also here as his ashes are scattered on this ledge. Loaded with fish.
******SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****
BP-25 & NYC Subway Cars - Myrtle Beach Scuba Diving SiteBP-25 and NYC Subway Cars (Video)
Depth: 70-90 ft. Visibility: 50-75 ft.
$125 for 3/4 Day (Advance)** This site features a 280 ft Panamanian tanker sunk with loads of coral growth. NYC Subway cars are all over the site providing a new home to grouper and loggerhead sea turtles Loads of fish!!!
*****SAFETY SAUSAGE & Whistle required*****


Cancellation Policy:
We make this simple. If you reserve a seat on the Dive charter boat you have up to 48 hrs prior to the departure trip to cancel with no charge. If you make a reservation for a trip within the 48 hrs you are held to the reservation unless we can rebook your seat. Group cancellations must be done 1 week out. We cannot guarantee sea conditions or visibility. We will make every effort to get divers to the chosen site. The Captain reserves the right to change dive site or the number of dives made on a site for the safety and well being of the passengers, crew and vessel. If the Captain changes the dive site you will only be charged for the dive site that we go to. There is no Charge if we must cancel due to weather, sea conditions or other natural event.

*Note* We are a very responsible dive shop. If we cancel, We do so for your safety and generally it will be that way up and down the coast. (99% of other operations have also cancelled) We have carried out some of the most hardcore dive groups around in some tall seas & when they got back they agreed. If we cancel the charter it’s for a reason.

There are no refunds given for seasickness, weather or water conditions, unless the charter is cancelled by the captain.