Memorial At Sea and Scattering Ashes

Burial At Sea - Memorial Cruise - Scatter Ashes at Sea

A Final Resting Place in the Ocean

A memorial at sea and scattering of ashes is something we offer to help you memorialize your loved one. Through personal experience, we understand the difficulty surrounding this time and work closely with our clients to ensure all their wishes are met. Whether you prefer to be on board or watch from shore, we provide a respectful, dignified scattering of ashes off the coast of Myrtle Beach, SC. Following the service and scattering, flowers and wreaths may be placed on the water as a final tribute. The vessel then circles the dispersal site for a final farewell. We record the latitude and longitude coordinates, which are provided to you on a Commemorative Certificate. Memorial services in later years may be arranged with a return trip to the exact location.

What to Expect

  • We have a USCG Certified Vessel for groups up to 42 Passengers.
  • Bathroom on board with fresh water sink.
  • Travel through scenic Murrells Inlet to the ocean to a favorite spot or to a predetermined latitude and longitude. EPA Federal Guidelines state we must be at least 3 nautical miles from shore in order to dispurse ashes.
  • Service is conducted by a family member or a designated person.
  • Ashes are scattered and flowers tossed. The vessel then circles the dispersal site for a final farewell.
  • Guests may use the vessel for up to 2 hours. If guests would like a shorter time on the vessel just tell the Captain and Crew. A minimum of a 40-50 minute round trip is required to get the vessel the required distance from shore.
  • Refreshments and food  may be brought on board if desired
  • Captain reserves the right to change the departure due to inclement weather
  • Price is $800 for the vessel 46 Newton up to 42 passengers

Additional Options

  • We can recommend a local florist here in our area that can accommodate your needs of 100% Biodegradable flowers – Callas Florist (843) 651-4520
  • Music, poems, and readings.
  • Catering: 843-651-2904


Please call  843-357-7777  in advance to schedule a departure.

We are available to assist you with any individualized needs.