Tank Service and DOT Hydro Testing

Please call 843-357-7777 for questions regarding gear service. Our 2024 rate sheet for Hydro Testing and air fills

Gear Service Rates
Hydro & Visual (no fill)$50.00
Visual Only (no fill)$20.00
Valve Overhaul$20.00
Air Fill 80 Cu Ft or less$8.00
Air Fill 81 Cu Ft or more$10.00
Nitrox Fill (32%) 80 Cu Ft or less$15.00
Nitrox Fill (32%) 81 Cu Ft or more$20.00
In-house Regulator Service$125.00
Out-of-house Regulator ServiceTBD
BCD Service$40.00
BCD w/ Octo Inflator Service$60.00

Paintball Air Fills Myrtle Beachscotthydromyrtlebeach (2)

tanks_350 (1)We will not fill or Hydro test tanks made from 6351 Aluminum Alloy! These tanks are known to develop Sustained Load Cracking at the neck of the cylinders and have the potential to rupture!  SLC is a thoroughly researched and well-documented metallurgical phenomenon that occasionally develops in cylinders made from 6351 Alloy, as well as in other types of pressure vessels and structural components under stress for sustained periods of time. SLC has occurred in cylinders manufactured by various companies, including Luxfer. Cylinders that have been mechanically damaged, over-filled, or otherwise abused are more susceptible to SLC, which is not a manufacturing defect, but a phenomenon inherent in the metal itself.

This is a list that we will not fill or hydro test!

Here is “The List” of scuba tanks that the DOT says are most likely made from the 6351-T6 aluminum alloy:

  • All DOT-3AL tanks manufactured under one of the following exemptions or special permits: 6498, 7042, 8107, 8364, 8422
  • All composite cylinders manufactured under one of the following exemptions: 7235, 8023, 8115
  • All Walter Kidde DOT-3AL scuba tanks.
  • All Cliff Impact DOT-3AL scuba tanks made before July 1990.
  • All Luxfer 80.8 cu. ft. scuba tanks (S80.8) made before May 1987.
  • All Luxfer 72 and 100 cu. ft. scuba tanks (S72, S100) made before August 1987.
  • All Luxfer 80 cu. ft. scuba tanks (S80) made before February 1990.
  • All Luxfer 50 and 92 cu. ft. scuba tanks (S50, S92) made before April 1990.
  • All Luxfer 30 and 63 cu. ft scuba tanks (S30, S63) made before May 1990.
  • All Luxfer 40 cu. ft. scuba tanks (S40) made before June 1988.
  • All other scuba tanks made in the US before February 1990 (except Catalina).
  • All scuba tanks not made in the US.

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